Is it time to end unpaid internships?

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Tony Crosby - Reply

2019-02-20 00:38:19

Unpaid internships have been a terrible rort inflicted on graduates for years and should be stopped immediately...a fair day's pay for a fair day's work!

Elaine Mead - Reply

2019-02-22 01:32:20

There is still merit to unpaid internships and work experience - especially where they are utilised as part of Work Integrated Learning with strong links to learning outcomes, but tighter governance of them is required. Unpaid graduate internships should definitely NOT be a thing.

Steve Rawling - Reply

2019-02-25 04:54:07

It is quite ridiculous to expect students and graduates to extended periods of unpaid internship, as if they are doing any meaningful work, then it should be a cost to employers. If they are not, then the whole thing is of questionable value to anyone.

Mark Cowell - Reply

2019-02-26 10:11:08

The idea is old and outdated. It goes back to a time when only the rich went to University and were supported throughout their education by their family. Luckily, for many types of work you can now actually be your own free intern. Get together with you friends, work on projects together to get experience and reach out to mentors in the industry you're interested in to get them involved with a micro time commitment. If the work is good, they may be appropriate references down the track. For almost any type of profession, there's a way for you to try it out for yourself on a small scale and experience it.

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